Sonntag, 3. März 2013

killer sweaters

Here are SOME of my favorite hoodies and sweaters, i own some others i just want to buy. If you guys don't know about Dime Piece check it ( ) They are a shop from LA and they have sick things. Another one of my favorite brands is Long Clothing, they are working with BOY LONDON now and making mix pieces of clothing with both symbols and designs together. If you want those colorful food sweaters you can find the nutella ones the hamburger ones, my favorite is the colorful rainbow
 (i know weird right?)cheesepuff cotton candy whatever it is one. (3rd pic down)
Oh and i know Boy London was big in the 80s right, now its coming back big but someone told me today the bird from the Boy London symbol looks like the Nazi bird or whatever?? um can anyone provide me insight on this issue? much appreciates as i love BL hate Nazis, and currently living in Germany. Hah. okay Enjoy!

                                                                          This is me ...

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