Sonntag, 3. März 2013

what to creep in...

Fave shoes

1. Doc Martins 
Best shoes ever not only because they can last through a war or zombie apocalypse because the are the classic punk-rock-fuck-everyone-imgunnagokickstuff-everyday shoes. I wear them like everysingleday and with every outfit they are the most comfortable shoes eva. PS. dont get the fake docs... it looks dumb and its better to INVEST in good quality! ( oh and no they arnt waterproof so dont ask )

 2. These are the official UK underground triple sole motherfuckers. These are my #2 all time favorite shoes. Yes they are as high as they look and yes you feel soo awesome when you wear these. I had a hard time finding them since they were kinda limited and costed like 260 $ ( or something ) but there are some things that you just GOT TO HAVE. I love my babies.

 #3 So before all the studded shoes were the new thing and before every single person on the face of the fashion earth had the studded litas and every other awesome studded jeffery campell shoe and creeper these shoes exsisted. The Mel studded sandal. I loveeeeed  these (still do)  when i got these these were literally the only dope studded sexy hooker shoes you could find. Original from jeffery campell and totally hand made in cali. definetly one of the best shoes ever. dont think you can find them anywhere now...



 Yes these ive been drooling over for years since they came out. god knows we cant fucking afford them though so we will just watch people with alot of money wear them! ps. jeffery campell is the albert einstien  of shoes..
 My Boyfriend got these sick shoes from some china/japan ebay shop... Although they got smart and made their prices higher so you cant get these for 20 bucks anymore... But would recomend them anyways! =^__^=
Just a Sexy as hell ''DO IT YOURSELF'' inspiration. 

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